When talking about Android, libraries and frameworks are the ones helping developers to build apps more easily where several aspects ( UI elements, debugging etc.) are well defined.

Such libraries offer detailed documentation, configuration data, templates, pre-built code and much more — all the developers need to get creative.

These are the libraries you should keep an eye on in the coming years.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a selection of software components which helps building reliable Android apps.

It provides a clear path for developers to build an Android app making it easier to support configuration changes and reduce boilerplate code…


Your mobile app needs attention even if the development is ongoing.

When talking about promoting your app, you should start much before the launch and create a community around it giving them a chance to subscribe to your mobile app and wait for the official release.

The problem usually isn’t the app itself but a lack of promotion — if your app’s benefit is not promoted as effectively as it should, all your hard work may not be awarded.

Creating a mobile app opens a new channel for you to interact with your users — your audience will always be…


Voice assistant technology has quickly become a part of our everyday lives.

Voice assistance technology helps us to perform tasks using voice commands — you can control automated devices at home, manage emails or messages similar to the Reata app we’ve developed, set calendars and more.

Nowadays the most popular voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Cortana of Microsoft serve our regular needs like creating to-do lists, play music or videos, provide miscellaneous information, read audio books and much more.

Voice assistance does not serve only the private individual — it can be an excellent economic…


User feedback will help you to get an overview of your product from a fresh perspective allowing you to adjust your product roadmap and improve your app for the better. No matter if you follow agile development or not, quick and frequent feedback is one of the important factors that can make your app more successful.

For example, if a user wanted to checkout at your e-commerce app and your app crashed, the user is likely to get annoyed or even uninstall your app entirely.

Implementing the right feedback system and defining a user journey map will help you to…


Although the Apple Store has witnessed a total of 180 billion iOS app downloads ( as of June 2017), some findings show that 24% of iOS users uninstall an app after just one usage thus your mobile application must provide an outstanding performance to avoid getting lost among thousands of apps flooding the Store each day.

The reason why Apple is widely used in enterprises and businesses is because they pay strong attention to security and intuitive UI.

Here are some best practices to consider when building iOS applications.

STAGE I — Research

First, decide whether you want native iOS app or a cross…


After your mobile app is launched, you usually concentrate on attracting new users and increasing the numbers of downloads, but you need to make sure that your app is really a success.

A good way is to track your app uninstall rate and monitor user experience — if you spot that a number of users drops quickly after the installation, use such data to figure out what triggered users to uninstall your app.

Gaining insight into uninstall data will give you a chance to improve vital features and overall user experience within your mobile app.

Some of the top reasons…


Voice Assistants are around us for quite some time but once it was introduced into the smart phones, voice assistants have gained much more popularity.

From Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Cortana and less known Samsung’s Bixby — all the way, people got more interested in Voice AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The trend of voice assistants is growing as only last year it was reported that over 1 million people in the US alone use voice assistants.

What is Voice Recognition?

Voice recognition refers to the ability of the specific device to receive and interpret spoken directives — simply said, voice recognition technology can…


Bill Gates

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Mobile apps always tend to earn high average app store ratings but where many fail is using the qualitative feedback.

The best way for a mobile app to thrive is through user feedback as it is one of the main elements in improving user satisfaction and growing your business.

Although a high average rating can be really great, it can also shift your focus from quality customer feedback behind each star. …


Blogs originally started as personal journals that people shared online, but as companies also seized the opportunity of blogging to improve their personal brand and business, BLOG has made its way and became an integral part of our online lives.

For businesses, having a blog is the best way to connect to their visitors or followers. On a technical side, it is a website that gets updated regularly with fresh content on a specific topic.

Business blog enables you not only to showcase your work but also to let your audience know more about your products or services — it…

Making a clean UI/UX for your mobile or web app is one of the main elements when developing the product. The design trends often follow the advancements in technology each year and the designers should continuously improve their skills and practices as per the latest trends.

First impressions greatly matter, especially when 94% of those relate directly to design as per the research by British scientists.

Developing good design can be done firstly by gathering relevant information as much as possible. …

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